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Harford County Emergency Operations seeks to honor childern, who called 911 for assistance in a real, documented emergency situation case. This special hero is presented with a Gold 911 pin during a special ceremony in his or her honor in front of their entire school. Also present at the assembly are the child's parents and emergency responders. Details of the situation are shared by all those involved; and a proclamation from the county executive and Harford County Council members is read for all to hear. The ceremony's highlight comes when a 911 dispatcher or 911 educator from the Harford County 911 Center attaches the Gold 911 pin to the child's shirt. The pin is the visible symbol of the child's heroism. .



On Monday June 10, 2013,  Kim Stritzinger - Public Safety Dispatcher III / Public Educator, representing the Harford County Department of Emergency Services presented a Gold 911 to 10 year old Jack Dempsey after we received the following nomination for his heroism and bravery.  The nomination read: “Dear Mr. Craig, Today one of my great friends lost her father to a massive heart attack. This morning, her ten year old son, who is also one of my son's best friends, had found his grandfather known affectionately as "Pop" and called 911 to try and save him. The heart attack left Pop brain dead and early this evening he passed.  Both, Pop, Alfred (Ted) Marshall, and my friend, Molly Dempsey, are Harford County Sheriffs. Molly's brother and sister also serve the people in different capacities. Molly and her husband, Mike, coach basketball and soccer too. This family is a fabulous accent to this town. They have welcomed me and my family from NJ with open arms.  I ask you to consider presenting 5th grader, Jack Marshall Dempsey an award for his heroic behavior of trying to save his grandfather. Although his actions did not lead to the outcome we all hoped for, without his bravery things could have been ..........."  This incident occurred on April 1, 2013 at approximately 8am.




On December 13, 2012, 11 year old Lucas Custer called 911 at 4:17 pm to report that his mother was unresponsive and moaning.  Dispatcher Kara Angelo, the 911 Calltaker, remained on the line with Lucas until Police arrived.  During this time Lucas remained very calm, he continued to update the dispatcher on his Mom’s condition, and followed the instructions of Dispatcher Angelo for that reason he was nominated to receive the EMS for Children - Right Care when it Counts award and the Harford County Department of Emergency Services Gold 911 Award.

  The nomination was prepared by Dispatcher Angelo and a State ceremony was held in Annapolis on May 21, 2013.  Today, Lucas was honored locally at the Aberdeen Middle School during morning announcements for his bravery and heroic efforts.

  During the ceremony he was presented with the Gold 911 award, a plaque from MIEMSS and a certificate of appreciation.    

  In attendance were, Rhonda Polk – Public Safety Dispatcher III / 911 Public Educator, Lisa Chervon – MIEMSS Region III Administrator, and Ross Coates, Communications Manager.

Deven Billings

A Gold 911 Award was presented to Deven Billings, a third-grader at Joppatown Elementary School, who recently called "911" while seeking help for his diabetic aunt. [more...]



For more information about the Gold 911 Program or to arrange a school visit from a 911 Educator, please contact:
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