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When a disaster strikes, the Division of Emergency Operations is ready to provide assistance. Following a natural or man-made disaster, the Emergency Manager in conjunction with other essential County, State, and Federal agencies assemble together in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to coordinate information, identify shortfalls and process resource requests and manage the overall response and recovery effort.

During an emergency, the Emergency Manager and staff work to ensure unified, accurate, and timely information is provided to the public through the use of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and/or press releases through the media including print, radio, and television. During a large scale emergency,  the Emergency Manager may open a JIC (Joint Information Center) for coordination and dissemination of emergency public instructions and other outreach mateirals through the media to the public.

Following an emergency, Emergency Operations works with government agencies and nonprofit organizations to provide assistance to disaster victims as well as coordinating relief efforts, donations, and spontaneous volunteers. Furthermore, the EOCwill facilitate the reestablishment of government and economic infrastructure. These areas are essential to return normalcy to the community.

Harford County Government and the Division of Emergency Operations have established contracts with a company that would be utiliized before, during, and after a major disaster to support the County disaster recovery effort.  The company has extensive experience in disaster management, disaster relief services, debris management, temporary workforce housing, life support, medical and hazardous waste remediation and disposal, landfill management, and much more. This company would be utilized after a disaster has struck Harford County to support County response and recovery operations.

Response and Recovery:
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  • Deal only with licensed and insured contractors.
  • Verify that the license is current and active.
  • Never let anyone into your home without first asking for identification. Representatives of utilities, government officials and reputable businesses will have proper identification.
  • Water can be unsafe after a disaster, be sure to filter the water by using a piece of cloth or coffee filter to remove solid particles. Bring it to a rolling boil for about one full minute before consumption.
  • Down power lines can be extremely dangerous, do not attempt to move or touch downed power lines, contact your local utility company.
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