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Harford County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) initiates and promotes mitigation, by evaluating hazards, identifying resources and capabilities, selecting appropriate actions, and developing and implementing mitigation plans. Such plans are utilized to eliminate or reduce future damage from those hazards in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents in Harford County.

What Mitigation means to Citizens of Harford County
Mitigate is another way to say "relieve" or "alleviate". That's the general idea, to make a dangerous situation less risky.

Emergency Operation encourages citizens to be aware of potential hazards facing their community, both natural and man made. It is essential for citizens to plan ahead.

Potential Hazards for Harford County Citizens are:
Dam failure
Hazardous Material
Nuclear / Radiological Release
Tropical Storms
Winter Storms

Everyone faces the risk of natural disaster. Protecting your property from potential damage and loss by purchasing insurance is imperative, especially flood insurance. It is important to know exactly what coverage you may need and what coverage is available to protect your property against all of the natural hazards it may be exposed to. You don't have to live in a "flood zone" to be eligible to purchase flood insurance. Check with your insurance company or local insurance agent. Having adequate coverage before a disaster strikes is key. Remeber that it takes 30 days for flood insurance to become "active".  Don't wait, talk to your insurance agent before hurricane season begins!

The Harford County Hazard Mitigation Plan is an all-hazard plan that was originally adopted in 2004.  The current Hazard Mitigation Plan was completely revised beginning in late 2008,  The Plan contains updated strategies and concepts and has been updated to reflect current Federal, State, and local regulations.  Copies of the Hazard Mitigation Plan are maintained at the Division of Emergency Operations, the Department of Planning and Zoning, and each of the three municipalities.  As with all emergency operations plans, this is a "living" document, meaning that it is revised as projects are completed or as regulations change.



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