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2220 Ady Road, Forest Hill, MD 21050 410.638.4900 or 410.879.2000
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Emergency Management

The Emergency Management component under the Division of Emergency Operations is responsible for the planning, assignment, and coordination of all available resources in an integrated program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for all emergencies and disasters whether from a terrorist attack, man-made, or natural disaster.

The Emergency Management staff is also responsible for staffing and operating the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC is the facility from which the County or other governmental organizations' emergency response is controlled, coordinated, and directed.

The EOC is comprised of 60 governmental and non-governmental agencies. Harford County Government is represented by 29 agencies and departments. The State of Maryland is represented by 7 agencies. The Federal Government is represented by 5 agencies. The local municipalities are represented by 9 agencies and departments.

Emergency Management
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Richard A. Ayers

Harford County
Emergency Manager &
Deputy Manager of Harford County Division of Emergency Operations
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